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Closing Time: 2016-06-20 At 00:00:00
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Lot No. Symbol Description Bidding
Holyland Forerunners Austrian Post Offices

1894  Cover sent from Jerusalem to Alessandria,  strip of 5 Austrian Postage Stamps cancelled with 3 Single Ring "JERUSALEM  GERUSALEM" Postmarks.  On reverse pmk "Alexandrie with date" in double ring .

Start Price $200 View More Details

1896, 8Pa. A. 2Kr. Brown in the horizontal. 5er-Strip a. Splendid business cover "JERUSALEM" to Alexandria.

Start Price $100 View More Details

1897  Cutout,  With Yellow Label "R Jerusalem Oesterr. Post No. 142",  2 Double ring Postmark with Jerusalem above  full date in center "Oesterreichische Post"  below.  B-22  AB-C

Start Price $60 View More Details

1898  Cover,  sent from Russia to "Rabbi Salant" in Jerusalem,  5 Wax Seals,  7 pmk,  include Jaffa # 303,  transferred to Austrian Post for delivery,  UNUSUAL,  VERY LOVELY

Start Price $50 View More Details

1898  Pictured Postcard with PPC EX JERUSALEM,  Violet Austrian Double Cancel,  Forwarded to 5 German Towns (Postmarks) to find addressee and returned to JERUSALEM one month later.  SUPERB POSTAL HISTORY

1909  Postcard sent from Beyrouth to Jerusalem, Austrian Postmarks "Jerusalem" and "Beirut". sent from ZWEI, SASSON & Cie. 

Start Price $100 View More Details

1899  Pictured Postcard,  "The Last Christmas of the 19th Century",  with BETHLEHEM and JERUSALEM Cancels in blue,  A REAL CURIO

Start Price $40 View More Details

1901  Cover sent from Jerusalem to Hungary,  Yellow Label "R  Jerusalem Oesterr. Post  No 179",  on reverse 2 Postage stamps stamped with Double ring Postmark Oesterr. Post Jerusalem with full date in center,  plus one circular Postmark of Hungary.

Start Price $100 View More Details

1912 R-letter sent from Caifa to germany using a provisional R-label AR-14 franked pier of 1pia (1+1).

Start Price $100 View More Details

1913  Pictured Postcard with Photo of Tel Aviv,  Achad Haam Street,  first Thoroughfare  just after Founding. Sent to Anglo-Palestine Bank from Jaffe.   Cachet in black with number.

Start Price $50 View More Details

1913, Postal Stationery printed in Hebrew. Austrian popstal receipt in Hebrew # 14.

Start Price $50 View More Details

Austrian post in the Levant, Lebanon 1912, picture postcard of Beyrouth (Beirut) Bearing on view side, singele franking of 10 centimes. Austrian Levant for Crete office issue Tied by large double-circle ' Beirut/ Osterr.Post' postmark Sent to Belgium showing on address side arrival postmark (Netto. 18) Rare usage of Crete office stamp in Beyrouth (Beirut) office.Certificate Nakri.

Start Price $150 View More Details
Holyland Forerunners German Post Offices

1899, Registred -Written letter  with Label Bale: R-41 to wiesbaden with 5 valuable stems German post office Jaffal. MiNr: 6-10.

Start Price $100 View More Details

1900 R- letter to Mr, Kosack in Berlin from Jaffa using a G-1 German stationery envelope #420 (large format) properly franked 80Pa.. Many identical envelopes were prepared by this known philatelist Kosack. Value: $250

Start Price $150 View More Details

Letter with stamp 25 cts and 20 Pfg., Canceled with a circle cancel "JERUSALEM" a GERMAN POST "6.4.09 Additional letterbox cancel" Aus Jaffa / Deutssche post "in red and black color, rectangle 42x20 mm.

Start Price $80 View More Details

Postcard to Germany sent from Suez, Egypt. on 7 September 1899. The postcard carries 5pf German stamp (Michel #46) Tied by Rare German Maritime P.O. postmark 'SMS Hertha' "Marine Shiffpost No. 46 / 7/9" Bale #M6. The postcard is a "Gruss aus Haifa" postcard Showing the German Colony in Haifa, Haifa General View, and the Carmelites monastery on the Carmel mountain (by Verlag, V. Struve and Beck, Haifa) Certificate Nakri

Start Price $250 View More Details

R-Letter (Bale: R45) -1908 with stamp 10 para on 5 Pf. and 1 1/4 Piaster on 25pf. Inscribed from Jerusalem to Germany, with 2 additional rahman-stamps "Aus Jaffa  (Bale:408r) )in bleck and red , German post. Cat $920

Start Price $100 View More Details
Holyland Forerunners Italian Post Offices

1909, ITALIAN POST OFFICES MiNr: 26II c/o with overprint JERUSALEM. Cat Uero 300.

Start Price $80 View More Details
Holyland Forerunners Russian Post Offices

1900, postcard sent from Russian post office in Jaffa on 4.MAR. by sea to Bombay INDIA. Bale: 614 ROPIT JAFFA pmk blue.

Start Price $100 View More Details

Russian Post in Ottoman Alexandretta (nowadays Iskenderun), Postcard sent in 1909 to USA The postcard shows Gibraltar color picture. Sent from Russian Levant post office in Alexandretta addressed to USA Franked by 1903/04 issue of 20para / 4kp (Michel #21, Bale #21) Tied by all Cyrilic 'Ropit/Alexandretta' postmark (19/05/1909, Tchilinghirian fig. 203) Certificate Nakri.

Start Price $250 View More Details
Holyland Forerunners Ottoman Post Offices

1871-97 Turkish postal stationary post card 20 pa. ,  used in Haifa (Pollack type N cancellation in violet) Catalogue Collins PM 3,  genuine,  very fine condition ,  B.P.A. Expertising Limited London,

Start Price $1000 View More Details
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